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By Laura McLoud Bell and Gaile McLoud Wiggins-Johnson, edited and compiled by Julianne Hare and Althemese Barnes.


Alpha Omega Campbell was born in 1887 in the tiny farming community of Sawdust, Florida. He was a man of color who dealt with the challenges of living in a segregated America with grace, dignity and determination. He was gifted with a keen intellect and an unshakable belief in fairness for all people. His life was journey filled with extremes of great success and crushing disappointment. 


Despite economic and cultural challenges, he secured a medical degree in Boston, Massachusets and a physician's license in his home state. As a doctor, he treated his patients with skill, kindness and without regard to their racial/cultural background or financial circumstance. He ministered to the medical, emotional and financial needs of the Tallahassee community for over four decades. 


One traumatic incident that occurred in the later years of his career has been highlighted in print and on film, but the full scope of his life's work and service to others has never before been chronicled. For almost 30 years, his family , Laura McLoud Bell and Gaile McLoud Wiggins-Johnson have fought passionately to preserve their grandfather's rightful legacy. 

A Good and Kindly Heart: The Amazing Life of Dr. Alpha Omega Campbell

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