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Please take the time to fill out the short donation form below. If you wish to include a note with your donation, please include the note in the description box.


Thank you for your donation!

Because of you, our Annual Holiday Rock-a-Thon was great success and our youth enrichment programs have continued to provide local students an opportunity to explore our rich culture. We also unveiled a new exhibit Uncrowned Queens during our Smokey Hollow Reunion and Membership Reception back in September of 2019.  During this event, we also debuted our latest publication, Uncrowned Queens. During November, we provided part one of a cultural immersion experience, known as Blended Lives to 2,500 fourth-graders attending Leon County Schools and are excited to have part two in February of 2020.

We look forward to the continued growth of our programs and services throughout 2020. Again, thank you for your support and all the best this holiday season and throughout the New Year!


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